The pandemic has certainly disrupted everything and has caused us all to make adjustments in virtually every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately this also applies to the J&J Ventures Amusements Dart Player Rewards Program. We had the following goals in mind as we discussed what we would do: 

  • Make adjustments that would be as fair as possible to all players involved. 
  • Minimize the impact on league players.
  • Keep all players as competitive as possible.

The states where we operate the J&J Ventures Amusements Player Reward Program have different reopening dates. For this reason we locked down the points and standings after the last matches were played in March 2020. Due to the shortened season we adjusted our point caps as follows:

  • League Participation Points are capped at 60 instead of 75.
  • MPRT Participation Points are capped at 48 instead of 60.
  • Total Bonus Points are capped at 12 instead of 15.
  • MPRT Win Points remain capped at 10.No change.

While we had hoped that leaving the old national program and joining the NADO program would allow us to add considerable additional prize money locally, the pandemic threw a wrench in most of our ideas.The good news is that we will still be able to increase the 101 Club money by 50% raising the amount awarded from $10,000 to $15,000 for that event. All other post season added money and guaranteed prizes will remain the same. We will not be hosting the recruiting tournament events this year but they were add-ons funded by JJVA and did not come from the PRP prize funds. 

There are different rules regarding COVID-19 adjustments for NADO. these can be seen here:

Due to duplicate player names, misspelled names and other issues it is possible that errors could exist. Players have until 4:00 pm CDT on July 10, 2020 to request any review for possible corrections for missing games or points. If a player is shown to have unearned points, we reserve the right to correct the mistake regardless of the date.