Stats as of 8_30_18

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Need to get 2 matches made up asap

Week 4 Stats

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Week 1 Stats

Captains Contacts

Summer 2018 Schedule

Week 12 Final Standings

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Payback will be ready after July 5th. I will drop it off at your locations and let you know when I did.

If you are planning to play another session please let me know by July 12th. I would like to start July 19th.

Will need player first and last names and the location you will be throwing out of.

Position Round

Week 12 Position Matches

Chris n Billy vs ali n Ron

Lucas n Jessica vs Ted n Matt

Mike n Clifford vs Serena n Jamee


Week 11 Stats

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Need 2 matches made up so I can post the Position Rounds!

Lucas/Jessica vs Chris /Billy

Chris/Billy vs Mike/Clifford

Please get these played asap so we can finish this league up!

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