BullShooter Europe - Handicapped Remote Doubles League

Friday, September 29, 2017
7:00 PM
9:00 PM



THE PRIZE: Each player from the winning team will receive: Round trip airfare to Bullshooter Europe. Travel dates will include 3+ days of sightseeing plus Bullshooter Europe tournament dates. Approximately 1 week total. Double occupancy hotel accommodations for the duration of the trip. BS Player Pack Entry Fees (5 events) to compete in the 5 main events at Bullshooter Europe. Additional costs incurred by players at their option including other open events, bringing spouses or significant others and room upgrades or additions will be at the players expense. Prizes are not transferable.

START DATE: September 29, 2017                    DAY OF THE WEEK: Fridays                TIME: 7:00 PM Central

THE TEAM: A participating team shall consist of two players. All players must live within a 70 mile drive of a JJVA remote dart board location. The JJVA PRP signup stats will be used for JJVA league players. Players not on that list must submit verifiable stats to the league director. A player’s league average may go up at any time after the start of the league but may not fall below their starting average.

LEAGUE FORMAT: Handicapped League using spot points and spot marks.

MATCH FORMAT: Matches will consist of games rotating between 501 OI/DO Freeze & Team Cricket 400. (Bullshooter Europe games)

SPECIAL NOTE: This is not a PRP Points League.


Sorry, this event is in the past, tickets are no longer available.