The J&J Ventures Dart League Player Rewards Program is also affiliated with the North American Dart Organization (NADO) program. Regular season points earned in the JJVA program will also count toward the NADO program. See NADO.net for more information on the NADO program.



The JJVA and NADO Player Rewards Program season starts on July 1 and ends on June 30th of the following year.



Leagues are ran throughout the year in the J&J Ventures league system. In order for a league to qualify it must be classified as a JJVA Player Rewards Program league with all appropriate fees being collected. The league can be any combination of 01, cricket and occasionally other games. A league match must consist of at least 11 games played between the two teams but will typically involve more than 11 games. can be a JJ Ventures traditional, remote leagues, or NADO remote leagues only. Any youth or youth/adult leagues are not eligible for this program. Contact your local dart league director for more information.



These events are held throughout the year in local JJ Ventures league locations. Last year, over $60,000.00 in prizes were awarded through our MPRTs in this market. There will be a $1 PRP fee charged per person playing in the tournament. The MPRT’s must be in a NADO approved format and have any entry fee the location/tournament organizer chooses to have that does not exceed $10 per person. (Example: The entry fee is $6 per person; $5 dollars will go towards the payout and $1 will come to JJ Ventures Player Rewards Program for every player)



This weekend is our year end Finale. The date will usually be sometime in late July or early August based upon the availability of venue. Friday and Saturday events will be available to all J&J Ventures Players in good standing and with at least 96 PRP league games played through J&J Ventures. Saturday events will be capped events. Caps will be determined for the events each season. Individual player caps may be established at the discretion of tournament management. The Sunday Finale players qualifications will require the 96 PRP league games played and at least 75 PRP points to participate.



The point’s shoot-out awards program is designed to award not only some of our best shooters, but some of the more dedicated shooters. The program consists of three parts: League play, Member Player Reward Tournament play (MPRT’s), and the Finale Points Shoot-out. Each part has its own scoring system in which players can earn points. We then add up all the points each player earns from each category to determine an overall Points Shoot-out Champion.



There are two categories within the league portion in which you earn points which are League Participation Points and League Participation Bonus Points.

  • League Participation Points (Maximum 75 points) - Players will receive 2 points per league match played towards their maximum of 75 points.
    • A league match must be played in the season in which it is scheduled for any rewards points to be earned.
  • League Participation Bonus Points are part of the “Participation Bonus Group”. Players will earn 4 Bonus Rewards Points for every 12 completed league matches in a season. These will be combined with the MPRT Participation Bonus Points toward the cap in that group.  See “Participation Bonus Group” section for more details.



There are three categories within the MPRTs in which you can earn points.

  • MPRT Participation (Maximum 60 points) - A player will earn 5 points for every MPRT they attend towards the maximum of 60 points in this sub-group. This equates to attending an MPRT tournament event an average of once per month.
  • MPRT Quality Finish Bonus (Maximum 10 points) - If a player is the highest finishing male or highest finishing female in an MPRT they will earn 2 points towards the maximum of 10 points in this sub-group. If a player is tied with one or more players of the same gender for the highest quality finish, then they will each receive 2 points.
  • MPRT Participation Bonus Points are part of the “Participation Bonus Group”. Players will earn 1 Bonus Rewards Points for every 4 completed MPRT events in a season. These will be combined with the League Participation Bonus Points toward the cap in that group.  See “Participation Bonus Group” section for more details.



League Participation Bonus Points are combined with MPRT Participation Bonus Points for a maximum of 15 total bonus points. Once again, all play in both leagues and MPRTs will only count when played in the season in which they are scheduled.



All JJVA regular season points will count toward NADO regular season points.     

Maximum regular participation points that can be earned from league play:


Maximum regular participation points that can be earned from MPRT play:


Maximum Bonus participation points that can be earned from league & MPRT play:


TOTAL Regular Season Points that can be earned based on participation:


Maximum MPRT Quality Finish Points that can be earned:


TOTAL Regular Season Points that can be earned:





In the Points Shoot-Out Finale, there is a maximum of 85 points that can be earned. There are four different events in which a player can earn points. These are Finale Super MPRT, Doubles Capped Event, Triples Capped Event and Points Shoot-Out Finale.

  • Finale SMPRT Event (Maximum 20 points) - There are two different ways to earn points in this section. This event will be an A/B Draw where players are divided into two groups based on skill levels and a team will consist of a player from each group drawn at random. The draw shall also be structured as needed so that 2 ladies will not be on the same team.
    • Finale Super MPRT Participation (15 points)- Everyone who participates in the Super MPRT will receive 15 points added to their season total.
    • Finale Super MPRT Quality Finish Bonus (5 points) - If a player is the highest finishing male or highest finishing female in the Finale Super MPRT they will earn 5 points added to their season total. If a player is tied with one or more players for the highest quality finish then they will each receive 5 points.
  • Doubles Capped Event - Per team caps will be determined prior to the event registration. If a player participates in the Doubles Capped Event they will receive 5 points added to their season total.
  • Triples Capped Event - Per team caps will be determined prior to the event registration. If a player participates in the Triples Capped Event they will receive 5 points added to their season total.
  • Points Shoot-Out Finale (Maximum 55 points): Players who participate in this will be awarded points according to their tournament finishing place. There will be separate men's and women's finale events. Each event will be an A/B/C Draw. No A's or C's put together as a team. Points are awarded as shown in the below:



(Each Player)



















25th - Last


If any dart teams decide they want to chop the prize money at the finale they will both be awarded the points for the lowest position between the teams.


101 CLUB:

The 101 Club is a bonus pool of money that is distributed to all players that reach 101 or more PRP Points for the season. The total points of all the players in the 101 Club are added up and the total is divided into the 101 Club pool of money to get a value per point. All players in the Club are the paid based on the calculated value per point multiplied by the number of points they earned.

The 101 Club prize pool for the 2019-20 season is $15,000.00.



The Bonus Pool of money is awarded to players after the end of the season. Points standings are calculated based on all regular season league points, MPRT Points and PRP Finale Points. The Bonus Pool prize is then awarded to the respective players based on their final standings. In the event of ties in the standings then the tied players will share equally in the total of the Bonus Pool prize spots that they occupy. Should tied players extend beyond the number of Bonus Pool prize positions then all tied players will share in the available Bonus Pool prize money available for any of the tied positions.

The Bonus Pool prize fund for the 2019-20 season is $20,025.00 distributed as follows:

Local Bonus Pool
Rank Men   Women  
1 $3,000.00   $1,500.00  
2 $2,000.00   $1,000.00  
3 $1,250.00   $625.00  
4 $1,000.00   $500.00  
5 $800.00   $400.00  
6 $700.00   $350.00  
7 $600.00   $300.00  
8 $500.00   $250.00  
9 $400.00   $200.00  
10 $350.00   $175.00  
11 $300.00   $150.00  
12 $280.00   $140.00  
13 $260.00   $130.00  
14 $240.00   $120.00  
15 $220.00   $110.00  
16 $200.00   $100.00  
17 $180.00   $90.00  
18 $160.00   $80.00  
19 $140.00   $70.00  
20 $120.00   $60.00  
21 $100.00   $50.00  
22 $90.00   $45.00  
23 $80.00   $40.00  
24 $70.00   $35.00  
25 $60.00   $30.00  
26-30        $50.00        $25.00 Each
  $13,350.00   $6,675.00  


A location can earn MPRTs by simply having qualified leagues in their location. The more qualified league player matches they have the more MPRTs they are eligible to have. To host an MPRT Event, locations must have J & J Ventures Amusements’ coin-operated equipment exclusively in the location unless approved otherwise by JJVA.



  1. A location can earn MPRTs based on a graduating scale formula that counts players involved in qualified PRP leagues.
  2. There is a limit of the number of Saturday MPRTs a location can have which is one-half their total allotment until all available Saturdays in a market have been allocated. After which any remaining Saturdays will be allocated on a rotational basis starting with the location that has the most remaining MPRTs to schedule.
  3. NADO Remote Leagues do not count toward the earning of MPRTs.



  1. Only 1 MPRT can be scheduled on a date within a league market territory.
  2. League Market Territories:
    Springfield / Sangamon & Menard County
    Clinton / Lincoln / Wapella / Decatur
    St. Clair, Montgomery, Madison & Calhoun Counties
    Jacksonville / Whitehall
    Effingham / Mattoon / Robinson
    Centralia / Mt. Vernon
    Franklin / Williamson / Jackson County *
    Evansville / Henderson / Posey County
    Vincennes / Princeton
    Tell City / Owensboro
  3. MPRTs will be scheduled on a first come first served basis. Using the following formula:
  • At the beginning of the season, locations with the most MPRTs to award at that time will be allowed to choose up to one half (rounded up) of their allotted MPRTs dates at that time.
  • This process will continue until each location has been given an opportunity to select dates for the first date selection round.
  • We will then go back to the top of the list and the locations with the most remaining MPRTs to schedule will then be allowed to select the remainder of their dates.
  • If locations earn additional MPRTs throughout the season they will be allowed to select those dates at that time using the same formula above.
  • A location can have a max of 1 MPRT per month.
  • MPRTs should be scheduled at least 2 weeks ahead of time to give all players ample time to make plans to attend.
  • All MPRT Events must be scheduled on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (not before 7pm on Friday)
  • To schedule an MPRT you must contact your league director in your market.



There must be at least 4 J&J Ventures Amusement league players and at least of 6 total players at each tournament to qualify as an MPRT event.

A location must have at least 2 dart boards.

MPRTs will use the CompuSport system unless there is a technical reason for not doing so. When the CompuSport system is used the player/team/bracket draw will be done by computer in order to ensure that the draw is fair, and that collusion does not occur. In the event the CompuSport system cannot be used the person designated as Tournament Director must conduct the draw in such a manner as to avoid possible collusion.

In the event that Compusport cannot be used for the MPRT, the location/tournament organizer must provide to the JJ Ventures league director a complete entry list with first and last names and the tournament bracket upon completion of the tournament to ensure that all points can be rewarded. The bracket needs to be turned in within one week of the completion of the tournament.



In markets determined by J&J management to be either small markets or outlying markets, we recognize that players in these markets would be at a disadvantage due to the limited number of MPRT events within a reasonable driving distance.

J&J management reserves the right to allow exceptions to the rule that limits the maximum number of MPRT events a location can host to create a fair playing field for all J&J Ventures league players. This will be done on a case by case basis taking into consideration the number of eligible locations within a small or outlying market and the driving distance to other nearby MPRT event venues. No small market may receive more than 12 possible MPRTs under this rule per year.



  • If a player forfeits out of a league due to excessive forfeit rules then the player's games played will count, but the player will not receive any kind of points for league participation.
  • All schedules including the program ending dates are subject to change based in the cases of emergency as determined by JJVA.