Leagues are run throughout the year in the J&J Ventures league system. In order for a league to qualify it must play at least 12 weeks, at least 13 games a match, have 4 J & J teams or 12 J & J players a league night, and be classified as a PRP league. The league can be any combination of 01 or cricket and there is no limit on games played. Leagues can be a JJ Ventures traditional, remote leagues, or extreme leagues only.  Any youth or youth/adult leagues are not eligible for this program.   Contact your local dart league director for more information.

Sanctioned Bar Tournament (SBT) Events:

These events are held throughout the year in local bars and taverns throughout the JJ Ventures locations. There will be a $1 charge per person playing in the tournament. The SBT’s can be any format and have any entry fee the location/tournament organizer chooses to have. (Example: The entry fee is $6 per person, $5 dollars will go towards the payout and $1 will come to JJ Ventures for every player) The location/tournament organizer must provide to the JJ Ventures director a complete entry list with first and last names and the tournament bracket upon completion of the tournament to ensure that all points can be rewarded.  The bracket needs to be turned in within one week of the completion of the tournament or be run on compusport.

Points Shoot Out Weekend:

This weekend is our year end Finale. The date will usually be sometime in late July or early August based upon the availability of venue. Friday and Saturday events will be available to all JJ Ventures Players in good standing and with at least 96 PRP league games played through JJ Ventures. Saturday events will be capped events, doubles at 54.0 PPD combined and triples at 74.0 PPD combined. A player will use his recorded average up to 36 PPD. Thus the highest average used by any player toward the team cap will be 36 PPD. The Sunday Finale the players will require the 96 PRP league games played and at least 75 points to participate.


The point’s shoot-out awards program is designed to award not only some of our best shooters, but some of the more dedicated shooters. The program consists of three parts: League play, Sanctioned Bar Tournament play (SBT’s), and the Finale Points Shoot-out. Each part has its own scoring system in which players can earn points. We then add up all the points each player earns from each category to determine an overall Points Shoot-out Champion.


In the league portion there is a maximum of 90 points that can be earned. There are two categories within the league portion in which you earn points which are League Participation Points and League Bonus Points.

  1. League Participation Points (Maximum 75 points)- If a player plays at least 75% of a league’s scheduled matches then the player will receive 25 points per league played towards their maximum of 75 points.
  2. League Bonus Points (Maximum of 15 points)- A player can earn 5 points towards the bonus group maximum of 15 points for each league in which they hace completed 100% attendance in the leagues's scheduled matches.

If a league plays 24 weeks or more then that league is eligible for 35 participation points, 7 perfect attendance points, and 4 multi-league bonus points.


In the SBT portion there is a maximum of 70 points that can be earned. There are two categories within the SBTs in which you can earn points. These are SBT Participation and SBT Bonus.

  1. SBT Participation (Maximum 60 points)- A player will earn 5 points for every SBT they attend towards the maximum of 60 points in this sub-group.
  2. SBT Bonus (Maximum 10 points)- If a player is the highest finishing male or highest finishing female in a SBT they will earn 2 points towards the maximum of 10 points in this sub-group. If a player is tied with one or more players for the highest finish then they will each receive 2 points.

See section “How to Earn and Schedule SBTs” for more information.


In the Points Shoot-Out Finale there is a maximum of 90 points that can be earned. There are four different events in which a player can earn points. These are Finale Super SBTs, Doubles Capped Event, Triples Capped Event and Points Shoot-Out Finale.

  1. Finale SSBT Event (Maximum 20 points)- There are two different ways to earn points in this section. This event will be an A/B Draw where players are divided into two groups based on skill levels and a team will consist of a player from each group drawn at random. Redraws shall occur as needed so that 2 ladies will not be on the same team.
  • Finale Super SBT Participation (15 points)- Everyone who participates in the Super SBT will receive 15 points added to their season total.
  • Finale Super SBT Bonus (5points)- If a player is the highest finishing male or highest finishing female in the Finale Super SBT they will earn 5 points added to their season total. If a player is tied with one or more players for the highest finish then they will each receive 5 points.
  1. Doubles Capped Event - Maximum 54.0 PPD per team: If a player participates in the Doubles Capped Event they will receive 5 points added to their season total. SBJECT TO CH
  2. Triples Capped Event - Maximum 74.0 PPD per team: If a player participates in the Triples Capped Event they will receive 5 points added to their season total.
  3. Points Shoot-Out Finale (Maximum 60 points): Players who participate in this will be awarded points according to their tournament finishing place. There will be separate events for men and women. Each event will be an A/B/C Draw.  No A's or C's put together as a team.  Points are awarded as shown in the below:
Place Points (Each Player)
1st 55
2nd 50
3rd 47
4th 44
5th-6th 41
7th-8th 38
9th-12th 35
13th-16th 32
17th-24th 29
25th - Last 26

If any dart teams decide they want to chop the prize money at the finale they will both be awarded the points for the lowest position between the teams.

How to Earn and Schedule SBTs:

A location can earn SBTs by simply having qualified leagues in their location. The more qualified leagues they have the more SBTs they are eligible to have. To host an SBT Event, locations must have J & J Venture’s coin-operated equipment exclusively in the location. Locations in the program prior to 9/1/2010 are grandfathered in under this rule.

Awarding of SBTs to locations:

  1. A location can earn SBTs per qualified leagues in which the location has teams participating based on the table below.
  2. There is a limit of the number of Saturday SBTs a location can have which is one-half their total allotment until all available Saturdays in a market have been allocated. After which any remaining Saturdays will be allocated on a rotational basis starting with the location that has the most remaining SBTs to schedule.
  3. If the league is an in-house league then the location will earn 1 SBT for an in-house league per year unless that in-house league has at least 6 teams at which point it will count as a regular league.

The following table is used for awarding SBT to locations for a 12 month season:

Qualified Leagues # SBTs
1 1
2 2
4 3
6 4
8 5
10 6
12 7
14 8
16 9
18 10
20 11
22 12


Scheduling guidelines for SBTs:

  1. Only 1 SBT can be scheduled on a date within a league market territory.
  2. League market territories:
    Springfield / Sangamon & Menard County
    Clinton / Lincoln / Wapella / Decatur 
    St. Clair, Montgomery, Madison & Calhoun Counties
    Jacksonville / Whitehall
    Effingham / Mattoon / Robinson
    Evansville / Henderson / Posey County
    Vincennes / Princeton 
    Tell City
    Centralia / Mt. Vernon
    Franklin / Williamson / Jackson County *
  3. SBTs will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.
  4. A location can have a max of 1 SBT per month.
  5. SBTs must be scheduled at least 2 weeks ahead of time to give all players ample time to make plans to attend.
  6. SBTs must be scheduled at least 2 weeks ahead of time to qualify for any giveaways from our sponsors.
  7. All SBT Events must be scheduled on Friday, Saturday or Sunday (not before 7pm on Friday)
  8. To schedule an SBT you must contact your league director in your market.

SBT Rules:

There must be at least five J&J Ventures Amusement league players at each tournament to qualify as an SBT event.

A location must have at least 2 dart boards.

SBTs will use the CompuSport system unless there is a technical reason for not doing so. When the CompuSport system is used the player draw will be done by computer in order to ensure that the draw is fair and that collusion does not occur. In the event the CompuSport system cannot be used the person designated as Tournament Director must conduct the draw in such a manner as to avoid possible collusion.

Small or Outlying Market Rule:

In markets determined by J&J management to be either small markets or outlying markets, we recognize that players in these markets would be at a disadvantage due to the limited number of SBT events within a reasonable driving distance.

J&J management reserves the right to allow exceptions to the rule that limits the maximum number of SBT events a location can host in order to create a fair playing field for all J&J Ventures league players. This will be done on a case by case basis taking into consideration the number of eligible locations within a small or outlying market and the driving distance to other nearby SBT event venues. No small market may receive more than 8 possible SBTs under this rule per year.

Additional Rules

  • · If a player forfeits in a league then his games played will count, but the player will not receive any kind of points for league participation.
  • · All schedules including the program ending dates are subject to change based on changes made by affiliates such as Partners Promoting Darts, Tournament of Champions and others.

Pro-Rated Leagues

The program year currently runs from July 16, 2016 through June 25, 2017. A league will be pro-rated when the league runs past the lock down date of June 25th. Since the number of weeks in order to qualify for all J & J promotions is 12 weeks, we will use 12 weeks as our basis of how long the summer leagues should run. So no matter if the league runs 18 weeks we will count it as 12. With that being said on June 25, 2017 we will see how many weeks the summer league has ran. We will then use a formula to determine how many points you will receive. For example the League X ran for 6 weeks as of June 25th. 6 weeks is half of the required 12 weeks or 50%. Since the full participation would be 25 points participation, 5points for perfect attendance, and 3points for multiple leagues (if applies), the person if he participated in all 6 weeks on the schedule using normal rounding rules will receive 13points for participation, 3points for perfect attendance, and 2points for multiple leagues (if applies). If he played 8 weeks his totals would be 19 points for participation, 4points for perfect attendance, and 2points for multiple leagues (if applies).

All matches scheduled before or after the program year ending date of July 15, 2015 must be played during the program year in which they were scheduled for any games or points to qualify. In other words no playing ahead of schedule or make up matches that would cross program year start/stop dates.

Any remainder points that the league could earn will be added to the following year’s program. (Example: League X played past June 25th. They only received 13 points participation, 3points perfect attendance, and 2points for multiple leagues for the previous year. For the next point year they are eligible for 12points participation, 2 points perfect attendance and 1pt for multiple leagues providing they meet the requirements for that same league.)

Averages will be locked on June 25th so that people will be able to put together teams for the Shoot Out Weekend. We will use averages from leagues, J&J ran tournaments, and other national tournaments.  The offical list will be put on the J&J Ventures website.  Games played will still count until the June 25th lock date.


For the 2016-17 year J & J Ventures has a total of 54 vouchers to be awarded for those players that are dedicated and loyal to our program. Those vouchers are as follows:

Qualifier Voucher M 36
Qualifier Voucher F 18


For the 2016-17 year we will be issuing these vouchers as a “bonus” to players. The players must meet certain criteria’s.

  • They must be in good standing with J & J Ventures.
  • They must meet the requirements for the Pearl Vodka TOC.
  • They must be going to the Darts TOC in Kansas City. They can NOT transfer vouchers to another player.

The distribution for 50 of the Qualifier Vouchers will be as follows:

  • We will issue a minimum of 34 Qualifier Vouchers to the top 34 men, that have 350 games played, at least 101 points, and a average above a 2.5 MPR or 25 PPD based on the J & J point standings after the point’s shootout weekend. (Based on Darts TOC eligibility rules.)
  • We will issue a minimum of 16 Qualifier Vouchers to the top 16 women, that have 350 games played, at least 101 points, and a average above a 1.65 MPR or 16.5 PPD based on the     J & J point standings after the point’s shootout weekend. (Based on Darts TOC eligibility rules.)
  • Players receiving Qualifier Vouchers from point standings will also have to choose which qualifier to play in. See 2017 TOC Qualifier Registration at DartsTOC.com.
  • In the event that there are remaining vouchers then the top players based on the J & J point standings will get first choice on vouchers until all vouchers are distributed.

If there is a tie in points for the last Qualifier Voucher then we will use the following tiebreaker to determine which of the players receive the voucher:

  1. Total SBT points plus Total League points.
  2. Total games played.
  3. Total points for the Points Shootout (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).
  4. Finishing spot in the finale (Sunday).
  5. MPR


Due to Partners Promoting Darts (PPD) recent rule changes to the Tournament of Champions (TOC), J & J Ventures is modifying our rules slightly for the PRP Season. The PRP regular season for both Pool and Darts will end on the last Saturday or Sunday in June (whichever is latest) instead of July 15th starting in 2017. Any locations that currently have an SBT tournament scheduled during the dates of June 30th – July 15th will need to immediately contact their area league director to have it rescheduled prior to the end of the season.

There have also been some additional changes on the dart rewards side of the program for players interested in the Darts TOC qualifier vouchers. Any players now going to the TOC are limited to 1 onsite qualifier voucher per person. J & J Ventures in the past has given several players more than 1 onsite qualifier voucher. We did not want to diminish the amount of vouchers we were giving out, so we have decided to convert 4 women’s onsite qualifier vouchers and 8 men’s onsite qualifier vouchers into Darts TOC Pre-qualifier Tournament vouchers. We will award these vouchers based upon point standings as of 8:00 am on June 26, 2017 to eligible players. The pre-qualifier voucher will allow a player to register for the DartsTOC online pre-qualifier tournament held on July 29, 2017. First prerequisite of this tournament is that you must be “on track” for a voucher in terms of games played and have the required skill level average.

Pre-qualifier tournament play: 
Option 1: If you have played in an online PPD tournament before this date and participated in at least 350 PPD Extreme-Team remote league games during the preceding TOC statistical year (July 15 – July 14 year-to-year) you will be able play the pre-qualifier tournament out of a location of your choosing. 
 Option 2: If you do not meet the requirements in option 1 but are otherwise eligible for a pre-qualifier voucher then J & J Ventures will assign a location for you to play at where a J & J staff member will be onsite to ensure that the on-line tournament runs smoothly from our end.

The top 6 players in a pre-qualifier bracket will advance straight into the TOC Elite Finale. If you do not advance out of the pre-qualifier event into the Elite Finale you are still eligible to register for the Gold Finale. If you do not have an additional on-site qualifier voucher through another organization such as Bullshooter or other PPD vendor then you will still be eligible for an onsite qualifier voucher through our J & J Ventures PRP points standings after our PRP Finale. We can only issue 1 onsite qualifier voucher per person. If a player has an onsite qualifier voucher or made the Elite Finale through the pre-qualifier, then we cannot award them an additional onsite qualifier voucher and any available onsite qualifier vouchers will be passed to the next qualified player in that gender group.


The distribution of 4 Qualifier Vouchers will be distributed as follows:

  • The winning teams, men and women, of the Finale on Sunday will be guaranteed Qualifier Vouchers. They will not be eligible for a 2nd onsite qualifier voucher regardless of their points standings due to Darts TOC rules.
  • If a person on the winning team does not intend to go or meet the requirements for the Qualifier Voucher, then that voucher will be passed down to the 2nd place team. If only 1 voucher is passed down then the player with the higher points standing will receive the voucher. This process will be repeated until the voucher is issued. In the event of a tie in points then the tiebreaker will apply.
  • Players receiving Qualifier Vouchers from the Sunday Finale will also have to choose which qualifier to play in. See 2017 TOC Qualifier Registration below.

No player may earn more than 2 total vouchers (1 Pre-Qualfier & 1 Onsite) through the PRP Program.

Players receiving vouchers will be able to register them at www.dartstoc.com starting August 1, 2017.

All players will need to register their onsite vouchers by August 24, 2017. Players awarded pre-qualifier vouchers must register these on the DartsTOC site prior by July 26, 2017. If the vouchers are not registered by these dates we reserve the right to VOID your right to the voucher and reissue it accordingly. (Be aware that this date is slightly sooner than the DartsTOC posted dates in order to allow us time to reissue voided vouchers to other players and subject to change based upon information supplied by Darts Tournament of Champions.)


VEGAS TRAVEL FUND (Only applies to markets that do not have their own exclusive Vegas Travel Fund)

Up to $5000 in travel funds available to top 20 qualified players attending Team Dart in Las Vegas

Players receive $250.00 each, providing they play darts at Team Dart in Las Vegas

If more than 20 players from all JJV offices go to Team Dart then the funds would be disbursed based on the top 20 points standings throughout the year from men & women combined.

All program years end on upon completion of the Points Shoot Out Finale.