Week 4 Stats

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Division A Position Round Matches:

3 Darts One Hole vs Elks at Gophers Grill

All Over the Board vs A Dart Team at Kazbar

Drunk Luck vs Rooster Crew at On the Rox

Angry Darts vs Crown Royals at Orchard Inn

Office Pub vs Darty Deeds at The Office Pub

Week 3 Stats

Week 2 Stats

Week 1 Stats Partial

Fall 2019 schedule

Summer 2019 Finals Standings

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Payout and Sign up will be at the Kazbar September 10th - 7pm

Week 11 Stats

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Position Round Matches

Fire at the Kaz vs Squirrel Tit Wings at Kazbar

Klove Pepperoni Kat vs Just the Tip at Moose

Hit n Miss vs Hammered at The Orchard

IdHitThat UHitWhat vs Better at Pool at Danny's Quik Sak

Triple Crazy vs Chase those Darts at Moose

Cherry Poppin Newbies vs O Hot Damn at On the Rox


All matches must be played on or before September 3rd so the payout can be on the 10th.

Week 10 Stats

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Week 8 stats

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