J&J Ventures $22,000.00+ 2017-2018 DART PLAYER REWARDS PROGRAM overview: 


  • $3,000+ Awarded in cash through 101 Club.
    $3,500+ Awarded in cash through Bonus Pool awards.
  • $6,000* Estimated Purse with 3,500 added prize money at Season Finale Tournament. 
  • $5,500   Awarded in Darts Tournament of Champions Entry Certificates.
  • $4,500+ Awarded at Sanctioned Bar Tournaments. * 
      * Estimated

League Players earn the bulk of their reward points during regular season league play. There are limited bonus points available during league play for meeting exceptional attendance goals.
Additional reward points are earned by players for attending local dart tournaments when they are sanctioned as part of our program. (SBTs)
The vast majority of rewards points are earned through basic attendance in league and tournament events and thus skill is not the overriding factor in determining reward point leaders. Only on a limited basis at SBTs and during the last event of our season finale, which is an A/B/C draw tournament, does drawing a partner and tournament play results have a bearing on final point standings. This means that all dedicated players in our league and tournament program have the ability to finish on top of the Bonus Prize Pool.