BullShooter Europe Trip Award Precedence and Intra-Team Tie Breakers

We are awarding multiple trips through several events that run simultaneously There is also the likelihood that players may be entered in multiple events at the same time. In fact, this is encouraged as we want any player that desires to join us at BullShooter Europe (BSE) to have as many opportunities as possible.
Because a player can only win one trip and prizes won are not transferrable we also have to protect the integrity of our events from possible collusion to ensure fairness for all players.
The order or precedence in which trips are awarded is not based on the date earned but rather a system that does the best to stop collusion while at the same time ensuring as much fairness as possible to any teammate that may suddenly find themselves with a partner that has already won a trip and we feel it would be unfair to disqualify that teammate.
Although likely the last trip award to be decided is the JJVA Recruiting Contest prize, it is 1st in order of precedence. Thus, should any winner of the Recruiting Contest end up being the winner or a contender for a trip in another event then that player will be awarded the Recruiting Contest trip and any other trip earned will be passed down through that event’s standings using the Intra-Team Tie-Breaker process. If either the recruit or the recruiter should elect to not accept the travel prize their counterpart will still be be awarded their half of the trip and a second and possibly subsequent drawing(s) will take place to reward the remaining half of the trip to an eligible player of the same status (recruit or recruiter). Ultimately there will be one recruit and one recruiter awarded a trip through this process.
The 2nd event in priority is the BSE Tournament Series with the highest team cap. The 3rd event is the Tournament Series withthe next highest team cap and so on for 4th and any additional events.
Once a player has earned a BSE trip in any event they may continue to finish competition in any other BSE event that they are currently competing in for the benefit of their partner provided that their partner is not also a winner at that time. Any BSE trip winner may not enter another BSE trip event once determined to be a winner. Should both teammates in an active BSE event be determined to be BSE trip winners from another event then that team will be eliminated from competition in any remaining active BSE trip events and they will not be awarded a refund for any entry fees paid or games played to enter any event. 
Intra-Team Tie Breaker: In the event a single trip is passed down to a doubles team the tiebreaker within that team is as follows:
1.      Total current season JJVA Player Rewards Program Points. Calculated at end of the tournament event in question.
2.      Total JJVA league games played. Calculated at end of the tournament event in question. Extreme Team league games excluded.
3.      A single 3 dart round of Count-Up between the two players involved.
Although the normal rules state that a BSE travel prize is non- transferrable, in the event that a trip passes down to a team if either of the players elected to decline the trip then the trip would automatically transfer to his partner.