JJVA North Dart PRP Program & Finale FAQs

Q. Do I need to be very good to do well at the PRP Finale?

  • While the best players have some advantage when it comes to winning tournaments with greater frequency, the PRP Program and the PRP Finale have several ways that level the field somewhat for all players. In fact, every year players that are not among the top skilled players in the program will earn more money than what is generally realistically available to them anywhere else based on their skill level.

Q. How does the bonus pool work?

  • At the end of the season points from the regular season are combined with the finale event points. The top total point earners are awarded money from the $3,500.00 bonus pool. This is in addition to the money earned from the 101 Club and prize money won during the PRP Finale weekend.

Q. How much can I win in the Bonus Pool?

  • The top prize is $1,000.00, 2nd is $700.00 with bonus money all the way down to 20th Place.

Q. How does the 101 Club work?

  • There is $3,000.00 in the 101 Club Pool. Any player that gets 101 points or more for the season, including the Finale are in the Club. The total points of all the players in the 101 Club are added up and the total is divided into the $3,000.00 pool of money to get a value per point. All players in the Club are the paid based on the calculated value per point multiplied by the number of points they earned.

Q. How do I earn points during the regular season?

  • There are basically two ways. League participation and SBT (Sanctioned Bar Tournament) participation.

Q. How do I earn points playing in leagues?

  • If a player has 75% participation in a league session they will be awarded 2 points per league match. Perfect attendance in a league session will also earn them 5 bonus points. A player can only earn 75 league participation points per year and 15 bonus points per year for a maximum of 90 points available for league play.

Q. How do I earn points for playing in SBTs?

  • We award you 5 points for participating in an SBT. You can earn a maximum of 60 SBT participation points. So, averaging one tournament per month will max you out on SBT participation points. We also award 2 bonus points for either winning an SBT or being the highest placing female in an SBT. The maximum SBT bonus points that can be earned per year is 10. The maximum points that can be earned from SBTs per year is 70.

Q. What is the benefit to playing more in the regular season?

  • Any player that puts in a reasonable amount of play can max out on league points and SBT points. The only advantage a higher skilled player would have would be a greater chance of winning up to 10 bonus points during the SBT blind draws. But remember, since these are blind draws that they also help other players earn bonus pints at the same time.
  • Even if you played the minimum amount of SBTs without ever winning one all year, if you are a dedicated league player you could only be 10 points off the pace of the maximum regular season points.

Q. How do I earn points at the PRP Finale event?

  • All players earn 15 points for participating in the Friday $500.00 Added Extreme Sanctioned Bar Tournament. The winners and the highest placing female in that event also earn 5 Bonus PRP Points. All players that participate in the Saturday Capped Doubles and Capped Triples events will get 5 PRP Points for each event. All players that play in the Sunday PRP Finale event will earn points based on their team’s finishing position. Each team is guaranteed at least 26 points per player and as many as 55 points per player based on the team’s finishing position.

Q. How can I make up 10 points in the Finale event?

  • The Finale event is an A/B/C draw which levels the field somewhat and each finishing position is worth 3 more points than next lowest position. The difference between 1st and 2nd place is 5 points.

Q. What is an A/B/C draw?

  • Individual players are ranked based upon their skill levels. The field of players registered in the finale event are then place into one of the A/B/C categories. “A” players cannot draw another “A” player and “C” players cannot draw another “C” player. “B” players could draw a partner from any player in the field.

Q. How are the players placed into the A/B/C divisions?

  • Players are not evenly divided into three separate divisions as you might expect. We use a concept called the “Power Law” graph. You may have heard of a “Bell Curve”. The “Power Curve” or “Power Law” may appear similar but also may be quite different depending on the skill levels of the registered players. Below you will see the chart from the 2017 Men’s PRP Finale event in Effingham. We organize these players based on skill level without knowing their names. We then use the logarithmic and linear trendlines to identify where the “Power Curve” starts to create a variance. This is where we create the division breaks for A/B/C divisions.

 Power graph image