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 2017 JJVA ALC poster

NOTICE: Since this year's venue is family friendly we will be allowing youth league players to compete in the 2017 JJVA All League Challenge with no age requirements. Due to the limited amount of games available to youth league players they will only be required to have 75 JJVA league games to be eligible to compete.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015 8:47:00 PM

J & J Dart League Challenge Territories 

Here is a list of the territories for the Dart League Challenge Tournament. All players on a team must have 150 league games in that market to be eligible. (see notes at bottom):

Sangamon East League
Sangamon West League
Clinto n/ Wapella / Decatur / Champaign **
Litchfield / Raymond
St. Clair, Montgomery, Madison & Calhoun Counties
Jacksonville / Whitehall
Franklin Co + Teddy's  *
Effingham / Robinson / Mattoon / Champaign **
Vincennes / Princeton 
Henderson / Owensboro*
Tell City / Owensboro*
Posey County
Centralia / Mt. Vernon
Williamson / Jackson County + Teddy's *

For players that play in more than one market they must have at least 150 league games total and 75 league games in the market that they wish to compete from. Remote leagues that are limited to just one of the above named markets then those games will count toward the market where the location they play from resides.

Remote leagues that span more than one market including Extreme Team will count toward the game count but those games will only count toward the market where the location they play from resides.

* Teddy's in Herrin participates in two of the markets named above. The player must have at least 150 league games in a league from the market in which they wish to be a member of a team. (Franklin County league games count toward that market & Southern Illinois league games count toward the Williamson County market. Remote league games from leagues that span more than one market including Extreme Team can be used toward either of the two markets.)

** Players playing in remote leagues from Champaign, IL may use their remote league game counts toward either the Clinton/Decatur or Mattoon markets. 

Wednesday, December 09, 2015 8:30:00 PM

JJVA All League Challenge & SPI Vegas Average List 

Below is the list of averages for the 2017 JJVA All League Challenge Tournament & SPI Vegas Tournament. Averages are compiled from: JJVA PRP Finale, JJVA All League Challenge & JJVA SPI Vegas tournament. Qualifying league games are not listed here. It is the players responsibility to ensure that they have the required number of league games by the deadine dates for the respective events. Being listed here does not indicate that the player has met the specific event eligibility requirements. If a player's name is listed more than once, the highest average will be used for this tournament. 

*The game counts listed below may also include the tournament games which we track for the purposes of establising player averages and are for reference only and do not reflect actual league games or league nights required for eligibility in the All league Challenge or the SPI Vegas Tournament. For the purposes of brevity some players in our database have been removed from this list due to what we percieved as insufficient game count for eligibility. Since we did not complie data from Extreme Team events it is possible that some players may have E.T game counts that make them eligible for the ALC. If you feel this applies to you and would like to participate in the ALC then contact your local league director.


Sorted by first name: Click here to see the list sorted by average.


Sorted by average: Click here for alpha listing


Tuesday, December 08, 2015 10:22:00 AM
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