Pool Player Rewards Program Rules 2018-2019


Leagues are run throughout the year in the J&J Ventures league system. In order for a league to qualify, it must play at least 12 weeks, at least 12 games per match, and consist of at least 4 teams.  The leagues may be 8-ball or 9-ball or any combination league meeting the minimum league requirements.  Contact your local pool league director for further information.

Sanctioned Bar Tournament (SBT) Events:

These events will be held throughout the year in local bars and taverns throughout J&J Venture’s locations.  There will be a $1 dollar charge per person playing in the tournament.  The SBT’s will be ladies-advantage draw scotch-doubles draw with intermediate/masters hold (see SBT Rules for details), single elimination with pre-registration available at least 3 days in advance for the event. (Example: The entry fee for the tournament will be at least $5, with the maximum entry fee being left up to the discretion of the host location, plus $1 going to the Pool Player Rewards Program for every player.)  The location/tournament organizer must use the CompuSport program to ensure that all points can be rewarded.  These tournaments will be limited to the first 16 players per available table at each location.  (Example:  Location X has 3 tables, therefore 48 players are the maximum for the event.)  Pre-registration can be done on-site or http://leagues.jjventures.com/pool-sbt-calendar.aspxThis system is set up to use either credit cards or paypal.

SBT Rules and Format

There must be at least 5 J&J Ventures Amusement League players at each tournament to qualify as an SBT event.

Each location is limited to 16 players (8 teams) per table available for the tournament to be played on.


Tournament Format

Single elimination/Singles/Scotch Doubles/Lady’s Advantage Draw/Intermediate & Masters hold.

VNEA Scotch Doubles League Rules – 15 Seconds Maximum Coaching between shots. Any longer is a foul.

This is a race to 3. Winning of coin toss has option of being home or visiting team.

Alternating break. SINGLE ELIMINATION! All VNEA rules apply to these events.

Match Format

  1. Flip to decide which team will be home. Winning team has option.
  2. 1st game will be singles with home team putting up first player. The visiting team will have the option of choosing which player will face the home teams player. Home team has the break.
  3. 2nd game will be singles the visiting team player who hasn’t played vs home team player who hasn’t played. Visiting team has the break.
  4. 3rd game will be Scotch Doubles. Home team has the break. Order of players decided after first shot.
  5. 4th & 5th games if needed will be Scotch Doubles. Visitors will have the break on game 4, Home team on game 5.
  6. Rack your own break

All SBTs will be ran on tablets using Compusport tournament software. This will eliminate the need of drawing numbers to decide teams. 

The Team Draw:

Players will be placed in one of three groups for drawing teams:

Ladies/Intermediate-Masters/Open: (Women on the VNEA or ICMOA Intermediate or Masters lists or women that have elected to play in the men's division will be placed in the open draw group.)

The teams will then be random drawn from these groups.

Recycling Player Rule: In the event of number of players, a single name will be drawn from the larger group first & that player whose partner is yet to be determined will be placed at the last spot on the chart. In the event of byes, that player will be given a bye & placed in the last spot in the second round. Players that have been eliminated in the first round that wish to be in the recycle pool will be drawn to select the odd player’s partner. No additional entry will be required & the recycle player will not be given 5 additional PRP points.


The rewards program is designed not only to reward some of our top players, but to our dedicated players as well.  There are three ways to earn points for the rewards program: League Play, Sanction Bar Tournament play (SBT’s), and the Points Shoot-out Finale.  Each part has its own scoring system in which players can earn points.  We then add up all the points each player earns from each category to determine an overall champions.


In the league portion, there is a maximum of 90 points that can be earned.  There are two categories within the league portion in which you can earn points.  These are League Participation and League Bonus Points.

  1.  League Participation Points (Maximum 75 points)  If a player plays at least 75% of a league team’s scheduled matches then the player will receive 25 points per league played towards the maximum 75 points.
  2. League Bonus Points (Maximum 15 points) There are two different ways for you to earn points in this section.

Perfect Attendance (5 points):  A player can earn 5 points towards the bonus group maximum of 15 points for each league in which they have completed 100% attendance in the league’s scheduled matches.

If a league plays 24 weeks or more then that league is eligible for 35 participation points, 7 perfect attendance points, and 4 multi-league bonus points.


 Pro-Rated Leagues

 The program regular season year currently runs from July 1, 2018 through the June 2, 2019 whichever is later. A league will be pro-rated when the league runs past the lock down date of the regular season ending date. Since the number of weeks in order to qualify for all J & J promotions is 12 weeks, we will use 12 weeks as our basis of how long the summer leagues should run. So no matter if the league runs 18 weeks we will count it as 12. With that being said on regular season ending date we will see how many weeks the summer league has ran. We will then use a formula to determine how many points you will receive. For example the League X ran for 6 weeks as of regular season ending date. 6 weeks is half of the required 12 weeks or 50%. Since the full participation would be 25 points participation, 5 points for perfect attendance, and 3points for multiple leagues (if applies), the person if he participated in all 6 weeks on the schedule using normal rounding rules will receive 13points for participation, 3points for perfect attendance, and 2points for multiple leagues (if applies). If he played 8 weeks his totals would be 19points for participation, 4points for perfect attendance, and 2points for multiple leagues (if applies).


All matches scheduled before or after the program regular season ending date must be played during the program year in which they were scheduled for any games or points to qualify. In other words no playing ahead of schedule or make up matches that would cross program year start/stop dates.


Any remainder points that the league could earn will be added to the following year’s program. (Example: League X played past the regular season ending date. They only received 13points participation, 3points perfect attendance, and 2 points for multiple leagues for the previous year. For the next point year they are eligible for 12points participation, 2points perfect attendance and 1pt for multiple leagues providing they meet the requirements for that same league.)


Sanctioned Bar Tournaments(SBTs):

In the SBT portion there is a maximum of 70 points that can be earned.  There are two categories within the SBT’s in which you can earn points.  These are the SBT Participation and SBT Bonus.

  1. SBT Participation (Maximum 60 points)-A player will earn 5 points for every SBT they attend towards the maximum of 60 points in this sub-group.
  2. SBT Bonus (Maximum 10 points)-The winning team at each SBT will be awarded 2 points each toward the 10 point maximum.  The highest finishing female will be awarded 2 points toward the 10 point maximum, as long as the player is not on the winning team.

How to Earn and Schedule SBT’s:

A location can earn SBT’s by simply having qualified leagues in their location.  The more qualified leagues they have the more SBT’s they are eligible to have.  To host an SBT Event, locations must have J&J Venture’s coin-operated equipment exclusively in the location.  Locations in the program prior to 9/1/2010 are grandfathered in under this rule.


Awarding of SBT’s to locations:

  1. A location can earn 1 SBT per qualified league in which the location has teams participating.
  2. A location can earn a bonus SBT if they have 3 or more qualified leagues running at the same time per session.  At least 75% of the scheduled matches from one league must be running at the same time as the other leagues in order to qualify.
  3. If the league is an in-house league then the location will earn 1 SBT for an in-house league per year unless that in-house league has at least 6 teams at which point it will count as a regular league.

Scheduling Guide lines for SBT’s:

  1. Only 1 SBT can be scheduled on a date within 45 miles of another previously scheduled SBT measured on a Google Map using the most direct and suitable driving distance.
  2. SBT’s will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.
  3. SBT’s must be scheduled at least 4 weeks in advance to give all players ample time to make plans to attend.
  4. All SBT Events must be scheduled on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (not before 7pm on Friday)
  5. To schedule an SBT, you must contact the league director in your market.


Small or Outlying Market Rule:

In markets determined by J&J Management to be either small markets or outlying markets, we recognize that players in these markets would be at a disadvantage due to the limited number of SBT events within a reasonable driving distance.  J&J Management reserves the right to allow exceptions to the rule that limits the maximum number of SBT events a location can host in order to create a fair playing field for all J&J Ventures league players.  This will be done on a case by case basis taking into consideration the number of eligible locations within a small or outlying market and the driving distance to other nearby SBT event venues.  No small market may receive more than 8 possible SBT’s under this rule per year.

Additional Rules:

  1.  If a player forfeits in a league, then the player’s games will count, but the player will not receive any kind of points for league participation.
  2. All schedules including the program ending dates are subject to change at the discretion of J&J Ventures Management.
  3. These rules may be modified at any time by J&J Ventures.

Pool Player Rewards Finale Weekend:

As a part of new Player Rewards Program, we are offering a Finale Weekend to coincide with our dart player Points Finale Weekend.  To be eligible to participate in the Friday and Saturday night Main Events, players must have at least 12 separate nights of league play.  For the Sunday Main Events, all players must have 12 separate league nights and a minimum of 75 total points earned.  These events will only be open to members of the J & J Ventures leagues.

Friday Main Event:  Each player that participates will earn extra points for participation with a chance to earn bonus points for winning along with $1,500 added money.

Saturday Main Event:  Each player that participates will earn extra points for participation along with $1,500 added money.

Sunday Main Event:  (Flighted Draw)  $6,000 Guaranteed purse plus each player that participates will earn the following points for playing:

Separate Men’s and Women’s divisions with points awarded to each player as follows: 

1st Place                 55 Points
2nd Place                50 Points
3rd Place                 47 Points
4th Place                 44 Points
5th/6th Place           41 Points
7th/8th Place           38 Points
9th-12th Place         35 Points
13th-16th Place       32 Points
17th-24th Place       29 Points
25th-Last Place       26 Points

If any pool teams decide they want to chop the prize money at the finale they will both be awarded the points for the lowest position between the teams.

At the conclusion of the Finale Weekend, the points will be totaled and the bonus money will be awarded to the members of the Pool 101 Club. To be a member of the Pool 101 Club, a player must compete in at least 12 separate nights of league play. The top awards will be divided up as follows:

                                            $8,000 Bonus Payouts Pool 101 Club





1st     $1,000.00


1st        $ 350.00

2nd    $   800.00


2nd      $ 250.00

3rd     $   600.00


3rd       $ 200.00

4th     $   500.00


4th       $ 175.00

5th     $   400.00


5th       $ 150.00

6th     $   350.00


6th       $ 125.00

7th     $   305.00


7th       $ 100.00

8th     $   280.00


8th       $  90.00

9th     $   260.00


9th       $  80.00

10th   $   240.00


10th     $  70.00

11th   $   220.00


11th     $  60.00

12th   $   200.00


12th     $  55.00

13th   $   180.00


13th     $  50.00

14th   $   160.00


14th     $  45.00

15th   $   140.00


15th     $  40.00

16th   $   120.00


16th     $  35.00

17th   $   100.00


17th     $  30.00

18th   $    80.00


18th     $  25.00

19th   $    60.00


19th     $  20.00

20th   $    40.00


20th     $  15.00


All program years end upon completion of Finale Weekend. All points earned during the Finale weekend will be added to the most recently completed regular season to calculate season total points.