Sunday, July 15, 2018
1:30 PM Central Daylight Time
6:00 PM

This is a handicapped A/B Doubles event. With a minimum of 4 teams we guarantee a purse of $300.00. Should entries be 8 teams or more then the purse will be double the entry fee. Team entry fee is $10 per player or $20.00 per team with a $5.00 per player board fee. If we exceed 14 teams we will break the event into two divisions. The event will be postponed and entry fees refunded if we do not get the minimum 4 teams.

This event is open to any JJVA Junior league player that is under 21 years of age and has participated in at least 48 games of JJVA Junior League play since July 1, 2017.

A Junior Doubles Team will consist of an “A” player and a “B” player. An “A” player is any player that has a PPD average of 16.00 or higher and a “B” player is any player that has a PPD average of 15.99 and below. This is based on averages as posted on the JJVA website. We will be using the highest average available to us from JJVA league play or the 2018 NDA Junior Nationals. B/B teams will be allowed.

JJVA North players will compete at Park Lanes in Loves Park. All other players may compete at their favorite local JJVA venue with a remote operator play dart board.

Registration and averages will be posted on the JJVA League website. Registration will close on July 10, 2018.