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2024 Indiana State Championship Dart Sign Ups

This year we are doing State sign ups online. Please click here to be directed to the link to sign up.  If you have any problems please let me know.  There will be no extensions this year since I am going all the way up to the deadline.  Registration closes January 1st at midnight.


2024 Game Counts for Indiana State Darts 2024

The link below is game counts for Indiana State Tournament 2024.  This is only used for the game count.  The First Part of the list is total games, the next part of the list is 01 Games, and the last part of the list is Cricket Games.  You must have a total of 96 games and at least 24 of either Cricket or 01 to play in those events.  Singles is 01 or Cricket, Doubles is 01 or Cricket, Triples is 01, Mixed is 01, and Team is 01. Range for the game count is 1/1/23 to 12/31/23.  The list will update as you play.  This does not include any NADO NDA leagues.  The list is sorted by first name.

2024 Indiana State Game Counts