Revised 7/10/18


Remote tournaments by their very nature come with different dynamics than many of our regular local tournaments which may be more social than competitive in nature. In many cases our remote tournaments consist of higher entry fees, higher prizes and a higher level of skill required to be competitive. Remote tournaments also require a higher level of commitment by the players for these tournaments to be successful. Higher top prizes such as trips, etc. create additional hurdles that require guaranteed funding in order to be successful.

Our remote tournaments also cover many different markets that in some cases had different local rules regarding various aspects of the game or their local tournaments. For these reasons we hold our remote tournament players to a higher standard than our local tournaments and those standards are reflected in the rules below.

Team and Event Formats:

Based on the event you are playing in there will be differences in the makeup of teams and the tournament formats. Teams may be capped by player averages, gender specific, age specific and more. The event formats may or may not use handicaps. The brackets may be single, double or triple elimination as well as round robin. The games played will vary between events and possibly vary based on the bracket (winners or losers) or division you are in. For this reason, be sure that you are familiar with all aspects for the event that you are playing.


General Rules for All Divisions:

Tournament Eligibility: Team and player eligibility will also vary based upon the event. Please familiarize yourself with event specific requirements. If an ineligible player/team signs up for an event, every effort will be made to address this before the event begins and that player/team will be given a chance to find a suitable player to meet eligibility requirements or their entry fee refunded. If a player/team slips through and it is later brought to our attention that the player/team was ineligible, we reserve the right to forfeit that player/team. In this case any entry fees or cost of games will not be refunded. It is the player/team’s responsibility to ensure that they meet the event requirements.


Boards & Schedules: These tournaments must play on Galaxy 3 remote boards owned by J&J Ventures Amusements and located in a regular JJVA dart league participating location. The availability of the Galaxy 3 boards will be the first to sign up will take precedence in the location.  For this reason sign ups must be pre-registration done through the JJVA website.  All tournaments will be run through Compusport and League Leader.


Tournament Play: The matches in the tournament will be determined and announced for each specific event and generally posted in that event’s information area.

Brackets can be found on Compusport.us. All Teams must be ready to play when they are posted on the bracket.  Any match that has not started within 5 minutes could be forfeited.

Corking is done before each match to determine Home Team, which Home Team then throws first. Corking is also done when a tie breaker is needed.

Who corks first when corking: The team on the top of any match as seen on the bracket corks first. Who goes first in corking remotely has no material influence on the corking outcome or the eventual game outcome because there are no darts in the board, each player throws, as in a traditional cork. This method is merely used to keep things moving.

How to cork: The cork is a one round game of count up with a double bull as found on the league selection menu. Each team elects a player to cork. The selected player will throw all three darts. The highest score after three darts for each team wins the cork. If there is a tie then the other two players on the teams will start a second game of count up keeping the same team as home. If, in extraordinary circumstances, there is still a tie after both people on each team have thrown three darts, then repeat the process until the tie is broken. If tied in a singles event then continue with a second corking round.


Round Limits: 301 games will have a 12 round limit, 501 games a 20 round limit and Cricket will have a 25 round limit.


Advancing Winners:

Winning teams must contact the Tournament Director by Facebook Messenger or text message as determined for the specific event with their division, team, and the word winners after their match is complete. Teams will be notified of the tournament director’s cell number if necessary on the date of each event.

Shooters Advantage

A dart thrown that sticks, but does not score or appear on the darts thrown count on the monitor due to a game malfunction may be scored manually by agreement of both teams… only after the action is agreed upon. A dart that “flights” another dart as it goes in is left scored as the board decides. If the dart counted on the monitor then it is not to be manually scored. Only darts that were not registered by the machine due to a machine malfunction or thrown too soon can be dealt with by backing up the game and manually scoring - and then, only with both teams in agreement. Stop the match by pressing the back-up button, call the other team and explain what you need to do... this will stop the shot clock, if necessary you may continue to push the back-up button until the situation can be discussed in detail with opposing team.

Additional Notes:

Game Viewer will be used during these tournaments. With this option enabled in the league, the board will record the matches and provide you with a video to review. This will help you better handle arguments, catch cheaters, and catch other tournament problems as they happen.

Once a team has won a spot in the finals they are ineligible to participate in the remaining qualifier rounds. 

All other rules will be NDA tournament rules.

The Tournament Director shall have sole discretion to decide any rules not covered in these documents or any discrepancy or ambiguity that may exist.



Contestants or players may be disqualified for reasons that would damage the integrity of the contest and the J&J Ventures Amusements league program including but not limited to any of the following: Cheating, misrepresentation of the J&J Ventures Amusement league program or associated prizes, unsportsmanlike conduct or any other infraction that damages the integrity of the program whether the infraction takes place during this contest or during any JJVA league or tournament event. J&J Ventures Amusements’ league management shall have sole and final discretion in application of this rule. Any disqualification may result in prize(s) being revoked.