Pool Sanctioned Bar Tournament Rules: (SBT)

A player will earn 5 SBT participation points for every (SBT) they attend.  Players can earn a maximum of 60 points SBT participation points per season. The winning team will receive 2 SBT win points for each player. The highest finishing female player will be awarded 2 SBT win points if they are not on the winning team. Players can earn a maximum of 10 SBT win points per season.  The entry fee for these events will be at least $5 per player, with the maximum entry fee left to the discretion of the host location, plus $1 per player for the Player Rewards Program. 


Tournament Format

        1.  Single elimination/Scotch Doubles/Lady’s Advantage Draw/Intermediate & Masters hold.

               VNEA Scotch Doubles League Rules – 15 SECONDS MAXIMUM COACHING between shots. Any longer is a foul.

               This is a race to 2.  Flip for break.  Alternating break.  SINGLE ELIMINATION.

               All VNEA league rules apply to these events.  

         2.  The Team Draw:

            A.  Players will be placed in one of three groups for drawing teams:

                       a.  Intermediate/Masters

                       b.  Open

                       c.  Ladies

                       d.  Women players on the VNEA or IAMOA Intermediate or Masters lists will be placed in the open draw group.

                       e.  Women players that elect to play in the men's side of the PRP program will be placed in the open draw group.

            B.  Once players are placed into the 3 groups the Open player group will be disbursed at random among the Ladies and Intermediate/Master  

                 groups to create 2 even groups.  If there are an odd number of players, the odd player will be placed in the group containing the higher 

                 skilled players.

            C.  If there are only two initial groups and the number of players in the groups is uneven, then players from the larger group will be selected

                 at random to be moved to the smaller group.  For example, if there are 16 players for the event, and 9 are from the Intermediate/Masters

                 list, one of these players will be placed at random in the smaller group.

            D.  Teams will then be selected at random from the remaining two groups.

            E.  Recycling player rule:  In the event of an odd number of players, a single name will be drawn from the larger group first and that player

                 whose partner is yet to be determined will be placed at the last spot on the chart.  In the event of byes on the chart, that player will be

                 given a bye and placed in the last spot in the second round.  Players that have been eliminated in the first round that desire to be in the

                 recycle pool will be drawn to select the odd player's partner.  No additional entry fee will be required and the player recycled will not be

                 given 5 additional PRP points.

            F.  We welcome all players to participate in the SBT events, especially our J & J league players.  In the case that there are 17 players signed up for the

                 event and there are only 16 spots available, the J & J league players have priority to the 16 spots for the event.

Ways to Registration

            A.  Early entry Online with $5.00 Entry Fee + $1.00 going to Player Reward Program at                                                         

                 http://leagues.jjventures.com/pool-sbt-calendar.aspx . No early online entries allowed 3 days prior to (SBT) tournament.

            B.  Onsite registrations are limited to the number of remaining positions on the day of the event after online registrations have been counted.