SPI Vegas Tournament Ratings Notes:

Player ratings can be found above.  Click on the Player Ratings link, scroll past the FAQs and you can then search for players by name.

Ratings are compiled from historical sources that we can access. We may adjust ratings when we find evidence that higher player ratings exist outside of our regular data.

Qualifying league games and matches are not listed there. It is the players responsibility to ensure that they have the required number of league games or matches by the deadline dates for the event. Being listed does not indicate that the player has met the specific event eligibility requirements. If a player's name is listed more than once, the highest rating must be used.

If your name is not listed and you feel you may be eligible for this event, you must contact your league director so that we can research your stats and provide an appropriate rating as well as check on your total game or match count. Additionally, many players will be listed that are ineligible as they have not completed the necessary matches in eligible leagues in the SPI market. Only SPI Market leagues/remote leagues will be eligible toward this program or event.