J&J Ventures Amusement has been running successful dart leagues for over 30 years. Our programs promote the sport of soft tip darts as well as enhancing revenues for our coin-operated amusement customers by providing on site entertainment value for their clientele.
Having been one of the early members of the A.M.O.A. National Dart Association we have continuously been involved with the growth of this successful and now multi-national program. Our league directors currently serve on the NDA Board of Directors as well as the national tournament referee staff.
We should also mention our state affiliations with the  Indiana Amusement & Music Operators Association (IAMOA). Management and staff from our offices serve in helping to manage and promote their successful dart tournaments.
Our newest promotion is the J&J Ventures $180,000.00 + Dart Player Rewards Program.  This promotion has been wildly successful with both our league players and our league location venues and has grown exponentially over the years.